"OMG, I luv-ed luv-ed luv-ed I want to take it again because the paradigm shift Deborah took me through was aaaaaaaamazing, not to mention so much fun! I’m dating now with a whole new perspective and I’m confident I’ll attract the right relationship for me. "    


"I was going through my first real break up when I enrolled in Deborah’s course, It was a sad time in my life, and I look back on those months with appreciation for where I am today. The joy I feel in my current relationship is in part due to the love I feel for myself, in part for understanding men better, and especially knowing it’s okay for me to be soft and open. Thanks to Deborah and the step by step process she led us through, I'm now excited to moving forward with my current boyfriend."


"I feel so lucky that I found the course in my early 20s. Though I learned a lot, I didn't have a partner to interact with at the time. Then I re-took the course when I started dating my current partner a few years later. Taking it a second time, and having a steady partner to actually practice with, really drove everything home. I finally had the secret tools to build a healthy and strong relationship based on great communication, self-love and mutual respect. My partner and I have been together for over two years now and it just keeps getting better! Using the principles Deborah taught me, I’m able to naturally express myself with an inner charm that seems to delight my partner. I would encourage anyone to take the course multiple times, as you truly learn more each time you take it. I wouldn't be where I am today without the course and Deborah’s coaching, and I am just so thankful!"