"Before taking Deborah’s LUV OPERATIONS I didn’t know the quality of love that I deserved. I referred to myself as “the doormat” and didn’t know how to be a strong or confident partner to someone. In Deborah’s course I discovered the empowerment of creating meaningful life, love, and happiness for myself. I walked away knowing that I had the tools, support and know-how to confidently pursue a new relationship and feel good about myself again. Thank you Deborah for delivering fantastic material, introducing me to an awesome group of women and teaching from a place of delight, wisdom and love! "    


"By the time I was a sophomore in college I'd already been in a few dysfunctional relationships. I didn’t understand why my love life was such a mess. Taking Deborah’s class gave me clarity about what I'd been doing wrong in my relationships. Soon after that I met a guy who seemed different from the men I had dated previously. We’ve been together two years now. He treats me really well and stays open and supportive when either of us becomes upset. I understand so much more now about how to create a healthy, lasting intimacy. Just like Deborah said, I really did attract the relationship of my dreams! Now I’m in love with being in love."


"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get back on track with my partner after taking LUVops.com. It’s hard to feel distance when you’re not communicating well. Now I know how to speak up when my feelings get hurt, and he’s able to do the same. We KNOW that we’re on the same team and we remember that now, which helps us navigate situations that used to lead to arguments. He treasures me and I’ve learned how to show that I treasure him in ways that really make him feel valued."